Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Different Packaging Styles for Your Different Business Needs

Not every business can ship their products in standard cardboard boxes. Hence, the need for a wide range of different product packaging options. We want to share with you five of the most commonly used packaging styles and the packing material used for meeting a majority of packaging needs of any business.

1. Vacuum Packaging

One of the best options for the goods with a short shelf-life, Vacuum packaging is a preferred option for the goods that are sealed before shipping. The key Packaging material suppliers highly recommend the use of vacuum packaging in the form of a primary packaging for food items to add to their shelf lives.

This kind of packaging has a sleek design making it perfect for carrying food items for camping trips or backpack tours. Vacuum packing eliminates oxygen from the package that preserves the item from moulds, yeasts and the other bacterial microbes. The food packed in a vacuum package can be preserved in freezer over long periods of time. For the companies shipping perishable goods, this is the best type of packaging. Also, for anything that needs to be packaged and shipped in sterile conditions, vacuum packaging is the way to go.

2. Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap can be used to pack products such as CD cases or loose notebook papers. It acts as both a primary and a secondary packaging of your product and it also gives a visual appeal to your product. You can choose to shrink wrap your product itself - as a primary packaging, or you can shrink wrap an entire pile of packages – as a secondary package, keeping them together during shipping.

Apart from keeping packages together, it also offers protection against puncture and abrasion and resistance for pressure.

3. Preservation Packaging

As the name suggests, the sole aim of preservation packaging is to keep the product, freshly preserved and safe. Apart from being a combination of both shrink wrapping and vacuum packaging, it also comprises of the other forms of packaging for example egg cartons, milk jugs, aluminium cans and jar canning. Bubble wrap is also a kind of preservation packaging that’s not necessarily used for packing food items. It is a lightweight and cost effective way to safeguard your products imparting them with impact resistance during transit. You can compare the variety of bubble wraps available in India along with their prices at

4. Pallets and Crates

Crates and pallets serve as great option for secondary packaging which help keep the goods safe at the time of delivery. Regardless of the type of product for packaging, these play an important role in shipping for packaging.

Pallets help keep the products a bit off the ground – whether it is the bed of the delivery truck or ground, this keeps the product protected against shock, dirt, dust and moisture. Thus the product is in a good condition at the time of delivery.

5. Shock Mount Packaging

Businesses can also consider the wide range of shock mount packaging options that help them protect products from vibration, shock and noise. These are made available by companies such as Shock Tech. Shock mount packaging is the safest and the most preferred option for highly fragile and delicate items such as electronic equipment or chemical compounds. As the name suggests, this type of packaging serves to offer shock absorption and protection against vibration, dust and moisture. This robust packaging is perfect for electronic equipment.

There can be many ways to safely package and ship your products. There are many packaging material providers who will provide you with their expert guidance for choosing the right packaging material to meet your business needs.

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